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this Advent and Christmas!

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Catechetical Resources

The joyful season of Christmas is a great time for us to deepen the community bonds between our families in faith formation and engage the whole community with creative catechesis. How might we re-introduce our parishioners to the joy of Christ’s birth and engage them in the evangelizing life of the parish?

Explore resources to help your parish spread the Good News this Advent and Christmas here!

Digital Media

Encourage your parishioners on social media to Find and Share the Perfect Gift this season! Use the sample posts here or create your own to encourage your followers to find Christ’s joy this Advent season and invite a friend to join them for Christmas Mass. Use the graphics digitally or for print to share the message and invite others to find the perfect gift. 

Click here to find images for web use or for Bulletins or Flyers.

Mass Announcements and Prayers

Here you’ll find sample prayers of the faithful, bulletin announcements, and pulpit announcements in both English and Spanish. 

Please make use of these resources in any way you would like; use them as written, modify them to better suit your parish’s needs, or use them as inspiration to create your own content.

Evangelization Training

This “Share the Perfect Giftevangelization-training toolkit has been created to assist your parish in preparing to go out to invite visitors, welcome them at Christmas Mass and engage them in the life of your parish. This toolkit includes resources from various offices within the Archdiocese of Washington as well as leaders from some vibrant parishes. Materials include: 

  • Praying with the Nativity Story – Lectio Guide
  • Understanding Find the Perfect Gift
  • The Culture of Christmas –The Evangelizing Power of Culture and Traditions
  • Encountering the Peripheries of Parish Life
  • Sharing the #PerfectGift on Social Media
  • Give the Perfect Gift to Those in Need – Service Opportunities
  • Welcoming All to our Parishes – Tips to Welcome Persons with Special Needs
  • Catechesis and the Perfect Gift
  • Youth Ministry and the Perfect Gift
  • A Warm Welcome, a Witness, and Beautiful Liturgy – The Christmas Mass Experience
  • The Accompaniment of Jesus Christ – Scriptural Reflections
  • Planning for the Perfect Gift
  • Praying with the Magi – – Lectio Guide